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As Ali Kar Cold Point, we design and produce special products for your home villa vineyard house

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Ali Kar Cold Point

As Alikar cooling devices, we have been operating in the cooling sector since 2005. As Alikar cold point, we produce and apply this experience and accumulation in refrigerated units in different colors and different hair designs specially designed in villa type cold rooms and houses. (We end the refrigerator dump in your homes.) We produce more efficient devices that work with less energy.

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ali kar cold point
As ALIKAR COLD POINT, we design and manufacture house and villa type pantry cold rooms for you. The reasons for users to choose our products are long-term food storage in earthquakes and disasters or in extraordinary situations, ensuring that food is kept fresh and hygienic.
Our COLD POINT A SERIES products are designed aesthetically and produced at 0 ° C / + 5 ° C according to the dimensions determined with different sheet motifs. Refrigerated drawers can be added to our products according to preference.
Our COLD POINT B SERIES products are produced with different color options at a more affordable cost at 0 ° C / + 5 ° C.
COLD POINT PORTABLE SHELVES home, villa etc. We produce portable stainless or colored shelves for you to use in various areas. Our shelves are used in bathrooms, dry food stores, cold stores and areas you need.
COLD POINT MEAT AGING CABINETS are designed as display cabinets and produced according to customer request or as standard. DRY AGED meat aging temperature is constant at 0 ° C / + 1 ° C, 55% constant humidity and homogeneous air circulation.
COLD POINT WINE COOLERS wine cellars and cooled wooden casks are designed and produced in different sizes according to standard or customer request. White wine should be kept at a cooling temperature + 12 ° C, 70% constant humidity. Red wine cooling temperature should be kept at + 14 ° C, 70% constant humidity range. Designed wine cellars and coolers can be adjusted according to the degree and humidity rates for the preservation of wines produced in different geographies.
NOTE : In order to be able to assemble all our products in a healthy way, the drain line and the power line must be drawn on the ground balance if drainage is required. Our products have sound insulation. Optionally, the product motors can be installed outdoors and solar panel can be added according to preference.
We produce perfect products and services for you with all quality certificates.

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